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Learning about the BIOS

or why do we discuss how to authenticate the user to the machine, but never the machine to the user

My path into low-level security

I have been away for a while as you may or may not have noticed and the reason for that is a great one! I am learning new things and as usual I will try to share my notes here. They are going to be chaotic and I can not give you any guarantee that I got it right, so please let me know if something looks weird ;)

Logic & binaries

What is this post about?

Malicious codes are implemented to stay hidden during the infection and operation, preventing their removal and the analysis of the code. Software analysis is a critical point in dealing with malware, since most samples employ some sort of packing or obfuscation techniques in order to thwart analysis.

Firmware 101

Getting the Code

Extracting the Firmware

In the last post, we discussed how to find important information about how to communicate with the device’s. In this post, we are going to describe the standard approach of getting the code we want to reverse and use the information we collected before.