Thaís aka barbie

Another ‘Tete-de-noeud’ in this world. Love: Rock Climbing, RE, Malware, x86 and the Mountains. Work: Malware Researcher.

Thaís is a malware researcher, who focus on static analysis, reverse engineering and logical programming. She started her career within the anti-virus industry working on data and malware analysis, where she developed her knowledge on threat protection systems. She won the “best rookie speaker” award from BSides London for her very first talk about “Using SMT solvers to deobfuscate malware binaries”. Recent research topics include code deobfuscation, malware analysis automation and low-level security. She is a member of the Düsseldorf Hackerspace “Chaosdorf”, where she also leads the groups for Reverse Engineering and x86 Assembly. In her free time, you can find Thaís building tools, cooking, singing, dancing or climbing somewhere offline.

This blog

DISCLAIMER: I might have false statements in this blog, most by mistake, some intentionally for the purpose of making it easier to understand. If anything here bothers you, please contact me :)


  • climbing
  • dancing
  • reading
  • outdoor activities
  • karaoke
  • physics
  • languages


“Commands are no constraints.” J.Milton

Subjects to talk about

OS preferences Tools and Skills
Linux : IDA-Pro radare x86Assembly
Windows : Python Git Prolog C SQL
macOS : Latex klee angr
¯_(ツ)_/¯ WinDbg WinInternals

Activities and Awards

echo 'Stare at binaries during working hours';

echo 'International public technical speaker';
echo 'BSides London - Rookie Track Winner';
echo 'Blackhoodie - Board Member and Organizer';
echo 'HackLu program`s committee';
echo 'Disobey`s Lead of Technical Content';
echo 'x86 Assembly & RE101 - Lead of both groups @chaosdorf';
echo 'Black Hat USA 2017 and Black Hat Europe 2016 - Scholarship Winner';

echo 'Stare at binaries on her free time';